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dac do magazynu z file lojer i skasowac z tripod!

znalez korepetycje z prawa
DeniPitman 802-249 1896
Richard Pergolizzi 845 647 1469
Bar Asocjate Loyer Atorni=212 382 6600 uvoitet expesys
About loyer 212 626 7373
citi loyer? Liberty reley stete
ogulnie us 1800 342 3661

845 794 2426 Sulvent Caty Loyer
Mr Coter 845 434 4777 bar asocjatin refer

Since I am not a well-to-do man, I use my trailer primarily for storage of my paintings but I live and work in NYC. My trailer is not "a temporary house and is environmentally friendly

What I Want
-As per Contract of Sale Standard N.Y.B.T.Y. Form 8041 Between Harry Colangelo and Michel Colangelo and my self, paragraph 2 states: Well and Water Rights have been conveyed to me.
-Please move the electric switch controlling the flow of water back onto the electric pole on the road where it has been for the 15 years. If Mr. B is not around I don't have any running water. Frequently when I do have water, its pressure often decreases or gets shut off according to my neighbor's whim.
-Mr. Ms had transferred the switch to his house one year ago without consent.
-Mr.Mis B has cut up my water pipe into several pieces.
-Please reimburse me for the pipe and labor or install the pipe back.
-If, as Mr., Miss B want me to pay him 25$ for the use of the pump, he should reimburse me one-half of the amount I had laid out for the new pomp years ago.

-I need parts of the existing trailer for use as storage inside my future Hand-made house. I will remove the wheels and the lower structure

-Please refrain from entering my property to check on my electrical connections. All along I use cable extension only if I am present on my property, as required bay low.

I give Mr. Biondi notes 50$ for 1 day not use water

1.bin bay half may ( I pay and fixed for1/2 of the pump price, so I should have equal access, but I don’t )
2.Electrycyty I pay half even I don live there.
Pipe is not across their property Biondi but 11.26.01 put with road

Biondis constantly worry syndrome for 10 years for small now Miss hysteria, Mr. pushing
Biondis conduct on the past years has been consistently combative and argumentive

Nicholas and Marta Biondi treat my abusively

Code Enforcement Officer Town of Denning Building Department George Hag (845)-985-2455 say If live is = continently more 100 days, I in Catskill Max. 3 day, couple time a year

Every second house in Catskill has Trailer for Camping
Art trailer is painted with beautiful paint (Biondi house is wait Daynetyk, hause is environmentally unfriendly, destroyer butte of madder nature cold house, with buck full very old garbage)
3.Is OK with law putting trailer in garage? Or cover with mirror? (Effect you see only tree) or burnet?
4.Is 900 feet from Rd. (hard to image trailer)

This is a Camping for Art Colony Non Profit Organization “4 D Basement” Inc dedicated for poor children from the street. My second place is in NYC “U Gallery” where children make Art not drugs

Sculpture is not garbage but Protested Art Object from brand new wood car and new newer used Bali (My land is always kept clean and respect of the natural, You can’t faint small human garbage even match) Every visitations be on familiar with

Mobil Home I don’t have, but my new neighbors have been living in on every day (why I can't?)

Letter to Attorneys Richard Pergolizzi

Darius Gubala Gallery "U" 221 E 2 St. #1-r NYC 10009 Tel: (212) 995-0395 Fax (Kinko’s): (212) 253 9029
Stoloff & Silver, L.L.P Attorneys and Counsellors at Law 26 Hamilton Ave P.O. Box 1129 Monticello NY 12701 (845) 794 4300, fax 794 1371 Nicholas Martha Biondi 845 985-2313

Drilling hole (well) is not ownet by Biondi

3.Gary D. Silver at page 1 “ well…our client as others, have been granted”